The Basic plan is a standard break / fix scenario. It is considered to be reactive as opposed to proactive. We will still remove spyware, malware, viruses, and more but we cannot monitor the health and integrity of the systems on your network without a Silver, Gold or Platinum plan. For many small business owners and residential clients, the break / fix plan will be sufficient as there is no monthly fixed cost involved and is considered to be a “pay as you go” solution.

The Gold and Platinum packages includes both on-site and remote service, free of charge, as outlined in the SLA. The discounted hourly rate is only applicable to special projects and requests that fall outside the scope of the contract / agreement.

Additional hardware such as routers, printers, NAS devices and more carries additional monthly charges and are only supported with the purchase of a Gold or Platinum package. For a complete list of our pricing for the platinum MSP package, please click here.

Please note: All pricing is quoted on a per machine, monthly, basis. Each MSP package (Silver, Gold and Platinum) requires a contract and service level agreement (SLA). Contracts are available in 6 month, 1 year and 2 year options.

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