Part 2. Why migrate?

I realize, first off, that I need to get better about updating this. Which, I promise any readers I still have – I will do.   As promised, part 2 will focus on a deeper segment into the Networking and Security available through the use of Windows 7. For the average consumer and home user …

Windows 7…why migrate? Part 1

Part 1. I realize I am long overdue for a blog post — my apologies. I’ve had many clients ask me — “Windows XP works great. Why fix what isn’t broken?” First off — they are right. Windows XP isn’t broken. However, Windows 7 also isn’t a fix.

Check it out…

For those of you currently on Windows 7 — what do you think of the theme packs? This is the one I’m currently using. Also, what are some of your favorite features? What do you not like? Let’s get talking! Jessica

Hello World!

I’m Jessica! Welcome to my blog! I’ve always joked that I get paid to talk. But now everyone can also read my thoughts, opinions and occasional complaints for free right here! But I will also require feedback — do you agree with me? Why? Do you disagree? Why?