RECAP: PacITPros – How to setup a Linux Web Server and use it to monitor your home

For those of you who attended (and those who were unable to) the PacITPros meeting at the new Microsoft office in San Francisco, I have uploaded the deck used, as well as the command notes txt file, to this post. The deck and notes differ slightly from the presentation I did at Silicon Valley Code Camp, but not much – the core data is still the same.

Also, if you want to recap any of the content I spoke on, we did live stream the event and the video is available on YouTube here. The audio is intermittent for the first 36 minutes or so (sorry!) and the meeting starts about 4 minutes in, but my session starts at about 25 minutes. The content should be audible from about 36:28 in, if you don’t want to suffer through static and my “all over the place” hand movements. ?

Linux Web Server – PacITPros PowerPoint Deck

Command Notes – Pac IT Pros – txt format for easy copying

Finally, for anyone who doesn’t have a physical system available, or virtual infrastructure available, or for those who want to get started with cloud computing, you can use Microsoft Azure just like we did in our live demo! Microsoft Azure currently offers a free 1 month trial and $200 to spend on all Azure services.

If you have any additional questions, or just want to reach me, feel free to comment below or use the contact form.