PowerShell Core and AzureRM.NetCore.Preview Module Install Scripts for Ubuntu and OS X

**Note: This post is now old. Please use my latest installer from this blog post. **

Quick update today – I wrote a few new install scripts for PowerShell Core with the AzureRM.NetCore.Preview module and optional install of Azure CLI. You can access the scripts using the below links. Each script will install:

  • NET Core 1.1 (Released today!)
  • PowerShell Core Alpha 11
  • AzureRM.NetCore.Preview Module
  • Optional install of Azure CLI

Linux Ubuntu 14.04
Linux Ubuntu 16.04
Mac OS X 10.11 and 10.12

Note: As of the date of this writing (11/16/2016), it is recommended to use PowerShell Core alpha 11 because PackageManagement is currently broken in alpha 12; this is because OneGet is broken. I will update this post and the install scripts once the issue has been resolved.