SVCC: Getting Started with Bash on Windows 10 Recap and Channel 9 Video

**Watch the Channel 9 Video of the Demo at **

In this session we covered some new features in Windows 10 and, more specifically, the addition of Bash on Ubuntu to the Windows offering. We reviewed what it is and how it works on Windows, and ultimately how to get Bash up and running on Windows 10. We also showed some cool things you can do with it like setup SSH access to your Bash instance, play with colors and graphical interaction, and we even setup an x11 server to run x11 apps. Finally, we touched on how to use Visual Studio Code with a bash shell integrated terminal right from your Windows 10 desktop, which allows you to edit and test your shell scripts right without ever leaving the open source text editor.

Github repo for this project / demo:

  • Deck
  • Outline of commands run during demo
  • Settings.json files for VS Code for Windows, Linux, and Mac

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Visual Studio Code Download:

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