Nest Thermostat and Offline Mode Intermittently?

If you’re like me and use a Nest Thermostat Gen2 at home and have been having Offline mode or insufficient power issues for the past several months, you’ll be quite interested in this post.

First, I noticed that my Nest would be unavailable at sporadic times. While I would try to track down an instigating factor, I couldn’t. I checked power, ensured nothing in my wireless infrastructure at home had changed (it hadn’t) and I even pulled the Nest off the wall several times to charge it manually.

Nest released a few updates, but none seemed to resolve my issue, despite the updates posted on their website here. The update that specifically addressed this issue was the 4.0.6 and 4.0.7 update, but what Nest only tells you when you call their Technical Support (which is helpful and US based, by the way) is that the 4.0.7 update is the default and you must request 4.0.6; the sole difference between the two is the drivers for the wireless hardware the updates address. While the technical support team suggested a great number of potential fixes that were all contingent upon troubleshooting and logging voltage rates every day for 3 days, I am extremely impatient and didn’t understand why the 4.0.7 update did not work for my Nest Thermostat Gen2. The second technical support gentleman mentioned that they did have a 4.0.6 update they could push to my system if I was interested in trying that update — of course I said that I would try it and 24 hours later, the update was pushed to my Nest. I checked the nest about 12 hours after the update was applied and my voltage was up to 3.9! My voltage hadn’t risen higher than 3.73 in months and it usually hovered below 3.7 which would fall below 3.6 on an irregular basis.

The 4.0.6 update has been installed on my thermostat now for about 3 weeks and in that time I have had ZERO offline issues and my voltage is consistently hovering around 3.89 and 3.9.

If you have experienced intermittently offline problems and low voltage with your Nest, call them up and ask to try the 4.0.6 update to see if it resolves your problem and let me know in the comments!