It's official! Microsoft MVP Award for Windows Expert - IT Pro


As of this morning, I received my Microsoft MVP award letter. There are around 4,000 MVPs recognized by Microsoft around the world out of 100 million participants in technical communities and today, officially, I am recognized by Microsoft as a Windows Expert – IT Pro. I could not be more honored, excited and blessed. Go here to learn more about becoming a Microsoft MVP and what being a Microsoft MVP means. To see my Microsoft MVP page, click here.

Hard work, perseverance and dedication most definitely pays off. I get asked quite frequently what it is, exactly, that I do. Being an IT consultant / Systems Admin / Network Admin at times can be hard to fully explain as we are required to wear a minimum of 20 hats at all times. We are jacks of all trades and many of us are masters in specific areas to boot. I have immersed myself in the technical community for most of my life and I have loved every minute of it.

I have professionally been involved in all areas of technology, Microsoft and Apple since I was 12 years old. I started my own company when I was 16 and I had my own regular clientele  before I was 21. I have achieved 4 certifications with Apple and work with Microsoft, as a vendor, on behalf of the Springboard Series page on TechNet assisting with areas of deployment, application and device compatibility, and more for IT Pros around the world. Outside of working as a vendor, I assist colleagues and clients on a daily basis in areas ranging from which computer to purchase to network architectural designs. I have done the “grunt” work as it pertains to cable pulls and punch downs as well as manage large scale projects in areas of deployment, imaging and email migration because, as far as I am concerned, no job, position or task is “beneath” me. I am employed by my clients and serve them accordingly.

Generally speaking, IT consultants across the board are revered for their vast knowledge and quick thinking. Everyone expects an answer and they usually expect it immediately. There is nothing wrong with this mentality but it requires a very particular person to handle the expectations in the midst of chaotic situations such as servers crashing or the CEO’s computer not booting up. When working with a client, an extreme amount of patience, skill and compassion is always required. While I cannot speak for every person in my field, I know for myself, I love what I do and am grateful every day for the ability to help as many people as possible. It is definitely not necessary to be recognized for my contribution to the community as a whole but as of today it is very much appreciated.

I also would like to congratulate the 885 new MVPs and all those who were renewed today. I look forward to continue meeting new people in the community and working with as many as possible.

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