Verizon Wireless - Suspended Line after Porting to another carrier?

I recently had a line on my Verizon Wireless account ported to another carrier. The reasons why aren’t important (my primary lines and mobile hotspots are still on Verizon due to their superb coverage area), but what was concerning to me most was the notice on my account when I logged in informing me that my ported line was now suspended.

According to the customer service representative (CSR) I spoke to, the new carrier hadn’t yet finished their porting process. Also, according to her, if the company did not finish the porting process, I would be charged for the line. This is flat out incorrect.

The reason your Verizon Wireless number that was recently ported to another carrier might report “suspended” has everything to do with your billing cycle. So long as the port was successful and your new phone with the new carrier is activated, it’s 99% likely that your suspended line is simply waiting for the billing cycle to close so the appropriate and applicable charges can be calculated and then subsequently billed.