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I’m Jessica! Welcome to my blog! I’ve always joked that I get paid to talk. But now everyone can also read my thoughts, opinions and occasional complaints for free right here! But I will also require feedback — do you agree with me? Why? Do you disagree? Why?

A lot of my posts will probably revolve around the Windows 7 topic, yes… (can you tell by the name? — I’m slightly obsessed) but will also highlight other elements (applications, platforms, etc.) as well.

What would you like to read about? I want to know!

On Windows 7 now? Having problems? Ask me for a solution!

That’s all for this introduction today,


Reminder: All of my posts are provided "AS IS", imply no warranties, and confer no rights or special privileges. Use of included postings, code samples and other works are subject to the terms specified at Microsoft. For more information, click here.

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  • What no hoverbear? Lolcat? Jes.. you’re great and i’ma let you finish and all but.. *enter rickroll here*

  • As an XP user who avoided Vista like the plague and is having doubts about Window’s viability… convince me! Lol.
    Consider yourself /bookmarked.

  • Hey Jess! I get to be the first one! (well maybe if I hurry.) SO ive been running Win7 glitch free for about a month and a half. Love it. Randomly, and for no good reason I no longer have internet access. The network I’m connected to has internet. It even says im conneted to the internet. (using uTorrent i was dowloading .9 kb/s) Ive gone through and reset the network adapter and done everything I know how to do.. Im currently running Avast for viruses and stuff… dont bring up anything. Im about to re-install. (fyi its a downloaded copy 32-bit and not registered). Any ideas?

    • Well first of all, you are using a pirated copy of Windows 7 which will no doubt include issues of some kind. Have you attempted to flush the DNS and reset the adapter? Open up an elevated level of CMD prompt. And type the following:

      ipconfig /all

      What are your results? (IP address, Default Gateway, Subnet, Etc.)

      Then type “ipconfig /flushdns”

      Next, type, “ipconfig /release”

      Followed by “ipconfig /renew”

      What happens after you type these commands?

      Are you connecting through a proxy server? Do you have manual configuration set? What browser are you using? Do you have it set to automatically detect settings?


      • Oh and also, you might want to consider purchasing a legal copy of Win 7 to ensure the best experience. 🙂 Just a thought Brandon.

      • “THE MAN” is the reason I dont have a legal copy lol. I dont use a proxy. Im using the original Internet explorer (yes, i know i’m lame) and yes its set up to automatically detect settings. I was just wondering if you’d heard about something like that happening to a Beta version of Win7. I’ll let you know about the result of the dns flush. Thanks!

  • Is the upgrade advisor (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/get/upgrade-advisor.aspx ) the best way for me to know which of my apps will work in Windows 7 or is there another way?

  • I LOVE MY WINDOWS 7!! ummmmmm you installed it for me. so i thank you greatly!! haha. i dunno if i have questions other then the fact of…where i can illegally download music that will no infect my beautiful computer with windows 7?!! hahahaha. you know i dont know muuuch about this. <3

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