As promised in my previous blog post on Luma, this post will highlight the current updates Luma has released since it’s launch earlier this year.

12/6 – WiFi Bouncer – Aside from being able to permit / deny access to our network with a simple swipe, this update also allows you to remotely reboot each Luma node.

11/28 – Luma Colors – At launch, many pre-order backers were initially upset only White Lumas would be available. Luma has heard their customers and now offers orange, black, and grey.

11/11 – Bedtime Rules and Additional Security Details – Additional parental features have been added in this update as you can now set bedtime rules for individuals on your network.

11/7 – Amazon Alexa Integration – You can now use Amazon Alexa’s voice controls to control your Luma WiFi network.

10/10 – Priority Device and More – This update brings QoS and additional details per device to your Luma WiFi network.

9/20 – Daily Time Limits and More – This update is the first one to bring controls for parents, thus allowing them to control the amount of time each child spends on the internet when connected to the home WiFi.

8/25 – Advanced Networking Settings – This update allows Port Forwarding, Static DHCP Leases, IGMP Snooping, and UPNP support.

Needless to say, Luma has grown quite a lot in its product offering over the past nearly 4 months, and more updates are on the road map! One thing to note, while not mentioned explicitly in the above blog posts, you can now update basic info details such as the name of each device on your network and set the device type.