re:Invent 2022 - Recap Best Practices for Building a Container Management Platform

Recap: Best practices for a container management platform

In this chalk talk, we learned about five best practices for building a container platform management system. This talk covered key steps that help drive efficiency and effectiveness, from assembling the right teams to innovate, design, and operate your container management platform to choosing the right AWS and ISV tools.

Behind the scenes: Making the diagrams

I used a tool called Excalidraw to make the diagrams we used in our chalktalk.

I also use a tool called Obisidian MD for personal knowledge management, and there is an Excalidraw plugin made specifically for visual note taking. The creator of the plugin, Zsolt Viczián, has a wealth of how to videos on YouTube, which I have personally used to improve my visual note taking and Visual PKM process.

The concept I followed for the diagrams I created for this chalktalk is my attempt at making a “Book on a Page” for the ECS Best Practices Guide.

If you wish to download these images and reference them later, the diagrams are below, based on your visual preference (light or dark mode).

Dark Mode - Graphic Download

full image

Light Mode - Graphic Download

full image

Happy re:Invent 2022!